Der englische Pfadfinderführer W. Barclay erkundigt sich, ob die Gefahr besteht, dass Liechtenstein von Deutschland besetzt wird

Schreiben von W. Laing Barclay an Regierungschef Josef Hoop [1]

9.4.1938, Finchley

Dear Dr. Hoop,

Summer Camp, 1938

Very many thanks for your kind letter of the 5th April. [2] Needless to say I appreciate that the recent happenings over the Austrian frontier must have occupied much of your time and it is very nice to hear from you now. I must congratulate you on your knowledge of our language for I remember that in 1931 you did not know English and now it is perfect. [3]

We have not yet decided on a site for it is somewhat of a problem. As a site there is no doubt that the one at Steg is better but on the other hand the one at Schaan would be more convenient for excursions, being much more accessible. I have enquired of Dr. [Rupert] Ritter regarding the possibility of having road transport for excursions from Steg and I hope we shall make definite arrangement early next month.

The chief difficulty at the moment is anxiety on the part of the boys’ Parents regarding [Adolf] Hitler and a fear that he may have designs on Liechtenstein which I suppose he could take, as he did Austria, unless Switzerland took up arms against him. Naturally I dont want to discuss politics with you but it would perhaps relieve the minds of our Parents if you could let me know quite unofficially and in confidence whether or not you think there may be any trouble between Liechtenstein and/or Switzerland and Germany, particularly any possibility of war. [4]

Kindest regards, Yours sincerely


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